About Us

Company Liquidation Brisbane is a new service created to assist business owners on the brink of insolvency. Company Liquidation Brisbane offering help and advice so that no Brisbane resident must carry the stressful weight of debt on their own. Is your business drowning in debt? Can fight your way out on your own? Do you need professional advice from Company Liquidation Brisbane? Company Liquidation Brisbane, backed by the power of Insolvency Guardian Australia, specialises in all aspects of your finances. We can find the perfect solution to any financial problem no matter where your business is located. Company Liquidation Brisbane’s programs are designed to get you back on your financial feet as quickly and smoothly as possible. Company Liquidation Brisbane are experts in insolvency and can manage the process in a professional and dignified way. We can help you to plan a way forward, and manage the process of appointing administrators, receivers, liquidators and/or a trustee for your personal insolvency bankruptcy or insolvency agreement. So when you’re ready to take the next step and remove the weight of debt from your shoulders simply give Company Liquidation Brisbane a call and one of our expert consultants can help you.

Address:Brisbane CBD
Phone:1300 60 70 60


  • Company Liquidation Brisbane really helped our small business get out of a tight spot. My family and I were under so much stress but Company Liquidation Brisbane helped us organize everything when we needed it the most.
    Michael ThompsonIndustrial Painters Stafford
  • We were under a mountain of debt after our business stopped being profitable. We had no idea what to do and the debt collectors kept calling. Thankfully Company Liquidation Brisbane helped us liquidate the business and took care of everything!
    Jason MillerMondo Retail
  • After my business was hit by the recession I struggled to keep it going. The debts kept increasing and the stress was overwhelming. I wasn't sure what I was doing when I called Company Liquidation Brisbane, but I am sure glad i did as I now have a new career path and a lot less stress.
    Cooper WilliamsWilliams' Landscaping